Dr. Mario Valcourt is a young up and coming DC who has been working out of Sri Lanka for quite some time now and saw a NEED. 

Originally from Miami Florida, he was invited to practice in Sri Lanka by one of his fraternity brothers who decided to open an integrative clinic in the country and bring in alternative practitioners. 

Mario graciously accepted the offer and started working on spreading the message of health & healing in a country with only one other Chiro clinic that barely opened once a week… 

Born in a family of practicing Chiropractors (28 to be exact) he saw a desperate need for Chiropractic in the country and decided to settle in Sri Lanka so he could open his own practice and make a difference. 

Sana Chiropractic was born, and in less than 2 weeks after opening, the practice is filling up with new patients who are eager to discover a new way of healing they’ve never had the chance to try before. 

Speaking with Dr. Valcourt, we decided to run an experiment and determine what would happen if we ran a marketing campaign to the local community for his new location. 

The campaign launched yesterday morning, on Monday August 19th, and the response was simply beyond anything either of us ever expected… 

Within 3 HOURS of launching our campaign, we had received over 89 new patient requests and over 20 CONFIRMED new patient appointments. 

3 hours…. 

People called in one after the other trying to book their spot to make sure they didn’t miss out on this unique opportunity! 

We turned off the campaign just so we could catch up with the unbelievable demand the local community demonstrated in these short 3 hours and catch a breather… 

This experiment has taught me 2 things: 

1️⃣ In many parts of the world, there are people who need a service you provide that they don’t have access to. Mario was brave enough to start a practice in a completely foreign country because he saw a need, and by filling that gap he is able to make a HUGE impact! 

2️⃣ Great success lies on the opposite side of great discomfort. “Today I will do what others won’t, so tomorrow I can do what others can’t”. 

I’m very grateful to have been given this opportunity, and I can’t wait to see what else is in store for Sana Chiropractic

Give them a follow and make sure to support Mario & his team on their journey of spreading the message of health and healing in a place where it is desperately needed!